The department of Gastroenterology at Epic Hospital is well equipped with modern instruments. We perform various diagnostics and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoendoscopic procedures. Both elective and emergency endoscopic procedures are performed in the department. A pre and post procedural consultation is done for all outdoor and indoor patients by our expert team of doctors.


  • GI + Pancreas Comprehensive care: Treatment of dyspepsia, Acidity related disorders like G.l. ulcer and reflux treatment of IBS, Intestinal tuberculosis, Cohn’s disease, other small colonic disorder.
  • Treatment of pancreatic disorders like acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Obesity Care: Comprehensive 360° treatment including, Medical, Endoscopic & Surgical
  • Liver Diseases: Medical + Surgical treatment
  • Adult, Paediatric, Neonatal
  • Paediatric Liver & Metabolic Diseases

Advance Therapeutic Endoscopy Centre (ATEC)

  • Therapeutic Upper Gl, Lower Gl Scopy & ERCP
  • Third space endoscopy for achalasia (POEM), Large polyps (ESD, EMR)
  • Endosonography (EUS) Procedures
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Esophageal & Anorectal Manometry
  • 24 hr pH Metry for GERD
  • Breath Tests for H Pylori & SIBO
  • Foreign body removal
  • Advance Paediatric & Infantile Endoscopy

G.I. Bleeding Group: For All Types of Acute & Chronic G.I. Bleeds

G.I. Endoscopy

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Upper Gl Endoscopy
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Colonoscopy
  • Therapeutic ERCP
  • Emergency Endoscopy for Acute Bleeding
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • All other high end Therapeutic Endoscopies

Epic Team of Expert Doctors

Dr. Kaushal Vyas, Gastroenterologist

Dr. Kaushal Vyas