Dr. Manoj Ghoda

Dr. Manoj Ghoda

Principal Areas of Expertise

  • In Gastroenterology and liver diseases. Special interest in pediatric and neonatal liver and metabolic diseases.
  • Gastroenterology and liver diseases.

Work Experience

Present appointments:

  • Senior gastroenterologist to Gujarat Research and Medical Institute and Rajasthan hospitals, Ahmedabad, since 1992.
  • Consultant Gastroenterologist in private practice. This involves providing entire range of gastroenterological services including,
  • Routine and emergency services to a population of 4 million people.
  • All routine and emergency diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services including oesophageal variceal band ligation, sclerotherapy, dilatation, self expandable stent placement, diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP, diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy. Double balloon enteroscopy.
  • Commitment to provide general medical care to patients under my care.
  • Teaching to residents, nurses and paramedical staff.
  • Commitment to clinical research.

Last appointment

  • Research fellow in Gastroenterology at Leigh infirmary, Gr. Manchester, U.K. under Dr. V. Mani who had special research interest in inflammatory bowel disease. Here we had done some pioneering work in the field of topical 5-asa and steroids in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

Other appointments

  • Registrar in nephrology: 1979- 1981 at civil hospital, Ahmedabad.
  • S.H.O. medicine: Cardiff royal infirmary, 1-1-83 to 31-12-83
  • S.H.O. medicine: Hertford county hospital, 1-1-84-to-31-7-84
  • Registrar medicine: Macclesfield dist. Gen. Hospital, 1-8-84 to 31-12-85
  • Registrar medicine: Hope hospital, Manchester, 1-1-86-to 31-12-88

Above experience gave me solid foundation in general medicine and especially gastroenterology, the last of which I am practicing exclusively.

Research Papers

  • Ghoda M K: Chlorambucil   in   minimal lesion   glomerulonephritis; International conference on internal medicine, Ahmedabad, India, 1981
  • Ghoda M K: Nephrotic syndrome: dissertation submitted to Gujarat Univ. for M.D. examination, Sept.1981
  • Ghoda M K: Cross cultural communication. Lancet, March 1988, pp 646
  • Ghoda M K: Testing overseas doctors, BMJ, 6th Aug 1988, pp 420
  • Ghoda M K: Colonic sonography, lancet 1989
  • Ghoda M K: Toothpaste and Crohn’s disease, Lancet (2), 1990, pp 1382
  • Ghoda M K: Lloyd  D, Mani  V: Vit-C  concentration  in  elderly  patients  with  acute  intestinal  bleeding. (Abstract) gastroenterology, May 1991, pp 89
  • Ghoda M K, Murthy R, Lewis  D, Mani  V: Oesophageal  apoplexy: a  case report  and  review  of  literature,  Gastroenterology  today(1)1991,pp19.
  • Mani V, Ghoda M K, Gupta I, Mayberry j f: a comprehensive study of 5-aminosalicylic acid and sulphasalazine suppositories in patients with acute distal ulcerative colitis. International collaborative meeting on inflammatory bowel diseases, Rome, Dec 1991.
  • Ghoda M K, Mani  V:    Terminal  ileal resection  and  right  hemicolectomy  in  terminal  ileal  Crohn’s  disease.  International collaborative meeting on inflammatory bowel disease, Rome, Dec. 1991
  • Ghoda M K, Mani V:  Oral bowel lavage in inflammatory bowel disease. Comparison   between kleanprep and picolax: International collaborative meeting on inflammatory bowel diseases, Rome, Dec.1991.
  • Ghoda M K: Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. Guj. Med. J.1996.
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  • Ghoda M K: Falciparum hepatopathy: a reversible and transient involvement of liver in falciparum malaria. Tropical Gastroenterol. 2002; 23: 70-71
  • Ghoda M K: Pancreatic duct stenting in cases of pancreatic duct damage. Guj. Med. J.
  • Ghoda M K: A comparative study of epidemiology of hepatitis b and falciparum malaria to identify the link between the two. Tropical Gastroenterol
  • Ghoda M K: Are Gujaratis protected from celiac disease? Evaluation of celiac disease in a tertiary referral centre. Guj. Med. J.

Research Publication 


  • “Bedtime gastroenterology”, Jaypee medical publishers, New Delhi. 2007.
  • “Short notes in Gastroenterology”. Published (private), May 2007
  • “Case notes in Pediatric Liver and Metabolic diseases. Manuscript ready.
  • Practical Gastroenterology and Hepatology: 2017


  • In the first book I have published a collection of interesting cases. It narrates various cases as they presented to us and could present to any one. Readers are asked to see how they would have proceeded with the case, mode of investigations and treatment. Detailed analysis is carried out for each case. Important gastroenterological conditions are covered and fundamentals of management explained.
  • The second book is a short text book in Gastroenterology, with special reference to practitioners in Indian sub-continent.
  • The third book is about cases in Neonatal and Pediatric liver and metabolic diseases. It analyses various important liver and metabolic disease problems in neonatal and pediatric age group.

Seminars and conferences organized.

  • Cryotherapy in Medicine. A half day symposium highlighting the use of Cryotherapy in medicine.1994
  • Update in Gastroenterology: A 3 day program covering all aspects of Gastroenterology. 1995
  • Update in Gastroenterology: A half day seminar on selected Gastroenterology subjects.
  • Update on pancreatic disorders. A half day seminar on pancreatic disorders with live endoscopy work shop on pancreatic disorders.2004
  • Update on pediatric Liver and Metabolic diseases. A full day seminar on the subject. 2007
  • Update on pediatric Liver and Metabolic diseases. A full day seminar on the subject. 2010
  • Clinical Hepatology. A full day seminar on the subject. 2010
  • Clinical Gastroenterology. A full day seminar on the subject. 2011
  • Neonatal and pediatric Liver and metabolic disease: A full day seminar, 22nd July 2012
  • Clinical Gastroenterology: A half day CME, 14th October 2012.
  • The Pancreas: A half day CME on Pancreatic diseases on 10th March 2013.
  • GI Imaging: A full day CME. 25th Aug 2013 and Aug 2015.
  • Fast track GI: A half day CME, for physicians, Feb 2016.
  • Interactive GI: A half day interactive GI session for physicians, Feb 2017.